8 Oils OnlineDriversLicenses.org Recommends If You're Changing the Car Oil Yourself

onlinedriverslicenses blog: 8 Oils OnlineDriversLicenses.org Recommends If You're Changing the Car Oil Yourself

As easy as it is to bring your vehicle to a local dealership or an oil change franchise, there are some downsides to paying someone else to change your vehicle’s oil. For one, oil changes can get expensive – especially if you get your oil changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Second, it can be a hassle to make an appointment and wait around at the dealership until the oil change is completed. Third, you may not want to feel pressured into making other possible car repairs while at the dealership. But fortunately, changing your vehicle’s oil on your own can eliminate these potential issues. However, you need to have the very best engine oil on hand. For this reason, the expert team at OnlineDriversLicenses.org has put together a list of the top oils for changing your vehicle’s oil on your own.

#1 Valvoline – The team of experts at OnlineDriversLicenses.org recommends Valvoline motor oil for several reasons. Not only is Valvoline’s founder – Dr. John Ellis – credited as the inventor of motor oil, but Valvoline has been a trusted brand for more than 150 years. Plus, Valvoline motor oil is available in options such as Premium Conventional, NextGen Conventional, MaxLife, NextGen MaxLife, SynPower Full Synthetic and Premium Blue Diesel. As another benefit, vehicles with less than 125,000 miles on them may be registered in Valvoline’s free engine guarantee program. Through the program, customers are offered up to 300,000 miles of engine life.

#2 Mobil 1 – As a world leader in synthetic motor oil and fuel efficiency, Mobile 1 is another trusted brand for performing at-home oil changes. Available Mobil 1 engine oil options include Mobil 1 OW-40, Mobil 1 Extended Performance, Advanced Fuel Economy, High Mileage and High Performance Diesel.

#3 Castrol – As an internationally recognized name that operates in 130 different countries, the expert team at OnlineDriversLicenses.org recommends Castrol motor oils as a top quality, high-mileage oil. Available options include GTX Conventional, High Mileage, SYNTEC Technology, EDGE and Tection Extra.

#4 Pennzoil – If reducing sludge buildup and keeping engines clean is a main goal, the group at OnlineDriversLicenses.org recommends using Pennzoil motor oil. Not only do clean engines operate better, but vehicles experience greater fuel efficiency as well. Pennzoil motor oil is formulated to prevent future sludge and to reduce present sludge by up to 40 percent. Available options include Pennzoil Conventional, High Mileage, Platinum Full Synthetic and Ultra-Class Synthetic.

#5 Quaker State – Durable, long-lasting motor oil is what Quaker State Advanced Durability, Ultimate Durability or Higher Mileage Engine oil provides. For drivers who are looking for long-term engine life, the expert group at OnlineDriversLicenses.org recommends using Quaker State oil changes when performing oil changes on your own.

#6 Royal Purple – High-performing Royal Purple synthetic motor oils are available in options such as High Performance Engine Break-In and High Performance Street. Though the name isn’t as well-known as motor oil favorites such as Valvoline, Pennzoil and Mobil 1, Royal Purple is just as effective. Royal Purple has even been shown to improve fuel-efficiency in older Ford truck models.

#7 Shell – Shell Rotella motor oil offers fantastic engine protection in difficult driving conditions – including dust and mud or hot and cold temperatures. Plus, Shell Rotella’s heavy-duty motor oils are compatible with old or new vehicle models, alike. Available options include Shell Rotella T1, T6 Full Synthetic and T Triple Protection.

#8 Peak – Gasoline engines and larger vehicles like vans, SUVs, passenger cars and light-duty trucks can all take advantage of the many benefits Peak motor oils provide. From improved gas mileage and engine protection to chilly weather protection, Peak Performance Multigrade and Peak Performance Full Synthetic oils are excellent motor oils to choose from when changing your oil on your own.