Explains 4 Ways You Can Use Your Vehicle to Make Money blog: Explains 4 Ways You Can Use Your Vehicle to Make Money

Many drivers are trying to supplement their incomes by picking up extra work. Technology is advancing constantly, and companies have taken advantage of that technology and the growing need for public transportation. Services such as Uber and Lyft enable citizens to easily reserve and order a ride on their smartphones, and they have become extremely popular within the last few years. Not only do these services benefit consumers, but they also permit drivers to earn extra money and work on their own schedules. Other opportunities allow drivers to conveniently advertise for businesses and organizations from the comfort of their own vehicles. The team at has created a list of four great ways that drivers can use their vehicles to make money.

#1 Work as a Driver

Drivers may work for remote companies like Uber, Lift, Sidecar, Curb and Hailo that offer similar transportation services at varying prices. Those companies are unique in the sense that they enable drivers to work on their own time, and the money is managed by the company. Therefore, no complicated transactions take place. Also, the smartphone apps monitor pricing and charge customers. The team at urges drivers interested in providing transportation services to research all the companies to find the right one that will accommodate their unique schedule and driving abilities.

#2 Utilize FlightCar

Drivers park their cars for extended periods of time at airports while they travel, and FlightCar permits drivers to earn money through their unused cars. FlightCar is a service that rents out drivers’ vehicles to other drivers at airports. While the car’s owner is away, FlightCar provides a free car wash and arranges rides. The business pays drivers based on the mileage their cars accumulate during the rental period. The team at recommends that drivers utilize FlightCar to earn some money while traveling.

#3 Advertise

Companies will pay top dollar for good advertising. That being said, drivers can turn their cars into moving billboards by registering with various sites. These sites often claim that no additional driving is necessary to be eligible for the service. Beyond that, how much money drivers earn depends on the size of their vehicles (i.e., how much advertising space the vehicle has). The team at reminds drivers that their vehicles’ appearances will change drastically when advertisements are placed on their exteriors.

#4 Become a Delivery Driver

Drivers may be interested in working as delivery drivers for businesses operating with traditional transportation services. For instance, the team at suggests that drivers apply for positions as pizza or sandwich delivery drivers, for their spare time. Drivers may also work for UberEats or other online food delivery services like PostMates. Drivers can earn a lot of extra income in their free time.