Tips for Choosing Between Leather and Fabric Seats According to blog: Tips for Choosing Between Leather and Fabric Seats According to

You’ve been surfing the internet for ages, sifting through every make and model within your budget, trying to build the perfect car for your next purchase. You know what color you want, you know what accessories you can’t live without, but you still can’t decide whether leather seats or cloth seats would be a better buy. Fortunately, there are aspects of each that can easily help you make your decision. The experts at have collected tips to help you determine whether fabric or leather seats are right for you.

Think about your level of cleanliness

Are you the type of person who has spilled your coffee more than just a few times while driving? Do you have toddlers who dribble ice cream down their shirts the second you get them buckled? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, then consider car seats that don’t easily stain.

Leather seats are much easier to clean than fabric seats. The team at says that with just a simple wipe, you won’t have to worry about your spills being absorbed into your seats and leaving a stain. Because leather seats don’t absorb dirt the way fabric seats do, you also won’t have to worry about allergens amassing in your vehicle.

Consider your budget

Cloth seats are standard for most vehicles, with the exception of some luxury brands. If you are on a strict budget, the experts at want you to note that leather seats come with an average elevated price of $600-$1,500. However, in the event you decide leather seats are important to you, consider looking for pre-owned vehicles with leather seats, as these are more likely to fall within your budget.

Consider the weather

Standard leather seats absorb heat in hot weather conditions and don’t retain heat in cold weather. This means they get extremely hot in the summer and exceptionally cold in the winter. Still, some models have heated leather seats or use a high-quality leather that promises not to absorb too much heat. recommends you ask a brand representative about the features of a specific type of leather seats if you are strongly considering purchasing them but are worried about the weather affecting their usability. On the other hand, if you are not looking to spend extra money on heated seats and high-quality leather, then cloth seats maintain a fairly consistent temperature year-round.

Think about maintenance and longevity

Cloth and leather seats both come with their own upkeep recommendations. Leather seats will need to be cleaned and conditioned every few months in order to maintain the integrity of the leather. Essentially, you don’t want cracked seats. Meanwhile, cloth seats need regular vacuuming to keep allergens and dirt from accumulating. Also, sun exposure will cause the fabric to fade over time. The team at recommends you use a fabric protector to prevent stains on cloth seats, which will solve your primary problem. In any case, since both fabric and leather seats will need regular care to maintain their quality, consider which maintenance procedures are easier for you to keep up with.

All in all, choosing between leather and fabric seats comes down to determining which suits your lifestyle best. Leather seats offer a clean and luxurious ambiance. On the other hand, fabric seats can withstand the change of seasons seamlessly. Decide what characteristics are important to you and what falls within your budget. Once you do that, you’ll be ready to purchase your next vehicle.