's Guide to Good Student Car Insurance Discounts

onlinedriverslicenses blog:'s Guide to Good Student Car Insurance Discounts

Getting good grades in school is beneficial for many reasons. Students who earn good grades often feel more capable, accomplished and confident in high school and well after graduation. Additionally, good grades generally provide students with greater college and employment opportunities. As another benefit, good grades can also earn students discounts on their car insurance premiums – which are major benefits to students as well as their parents. To help students and parents understand the ways in which good grades can reduce car insurance rates, the expert team at has put together a comprehensive guide to understanding good student car insurance discounts.

Understanding Good Student Discounts

According to the group of experts at, good student car insurance discounts are available to students who maintain a minimum ‘B’ average in high school and in college. Since teenage drivers have less driving experience, they are considered high-risk drivers. For this reason, car insurance rates are often much higher than the car insurance premiums of experienced adult drivers. However, good student car insurance discounts reduce the cost of teenage car insurance rates, making it a win-win for teenage drivers and parents, alike.

According to driving statistics, students who perform well in school are often safer drivers on the road – which shows car insurance companies that high-performing students are lower-risk drivers and deserve lower car insurance rates. Meanwhile, students who maintain a ‘C’ or a ‘D’ academic average have a 49 percent increased risk of getting into an auto accident compared to students who earn both ‘A’ and ‘B’ marks.

Qualifying Criteria

To meet the criteria for earning good student car insurance discounts, students must be under the age of 25, be full-time high school or college students and maintain a minimum ‘B’ average or higher. Generally, a ‘B’ average requires students to have minimum 3.0 grade point averages. Students who are on the ‘A’ or ‘B’ honor rolls or those who make the Dean’s List will typically qualify for good student car insurance discounts. For students who don’t meet the specific criteria for earning the good student car insurance discount, improvements in academic performance can be made. The expert team at recommends that students work to improve their grades until they reach 3.0 grade point averages or higher.

Home-schooled students may also qualify to receive good student car insurance discounts. To earn good student discounts as a home-schooled student, students must rank among the top 20 percent in standardized tests, like the ACT or the SAT.

Benefits of Good Student Insurance Discounts

According to the expert team at, good student discounts are beneficial for several important reasons. For one, good student discounts provide teenage drivers or drivers under the age of 25 with discounts on car insurance premiums. Second, good student car insurance discounts act as a reward for performing well in high school or in college. Third, good academic standing provides drivers with discount between 10 to 25 percent off car insurance rates. However, good student discounts vary depending on the specific car insurance company.

How to Get the Discount

To receive the good student car insurance discount, students must submit proof of good academic performance to their car insurance companies. Proof of good grades may be submitted in the form of a report card, a standardized test result report or a form signed by the school’s administrator. The group at recommends submitting proof of good academic standing on a quarterly basis to reaffirm good student eligibility.