9 Features That OnlineDriversLicenses.org Notes You Don't Need to Worry About When Car Shopping

onlinedriverslicenses blog: 9 Features That OnlineDriversLicenses.org Notes You Don't Need to Worry About When Car Shopping

Car shopping is often an exciting but overwhelming task. Sometimes buyers get swept away by unimportant car features, like the vehicle’s interior or the entertainment features, and forget about key factors such as mechanics, gas mileage, vehicle reviews and the vehicle history report. While certain features like price and aesthetics are crucial factors to consider when purchasing a vehicle, other features aren’t as important as they may seem. For this reason, the expert team at OnlineDriversLicenses.org has put together a list of features that are not entirely important when car shopping.

#1 Seat Upholstery – According to the team at OnlineDriversLicenses.org, the interior of the vehicle isn’t as important as it may seem. While some drivers won’t settle for less than luxurious leather seats, other drivers prefer fabric materials. However, interior features, such as seat upholstery, shouldn’t impact the final decision you make.

#2 Retractable Roofs– While moonroof and sunroofs are nice features that many drivers adore, a these two options shouldn’t make or break your car-buying decision.

#3 Entertainment – While in-car entertainment systems such as satellite radio or DVD video systems are a nice bonus to have while commuting to and from work, they aren’t necessarily a must. The OnlineDriversLicenses.org group reminds you that entertainment systems can be purchased and installed separately, even if the vehicle doesn’t come equipped with these features.

#4 Remote Start – If you live in a cold climate such as Duluth, Minnesota or in a humid climate like Miami, Florida, a remote starter may sound like a major luxury. However, the team at OnlineDriversLicenses.org recommends purchasing a remote starter separately and having it installed after purchasing a new vehicle. Likewise, seat heaters aren’t as important as they may sound, and can be purchased separately.

#5 Tow Hitch – If you regularly use your vehicle to haul recreational accessories, a tow hitch may sound like a must when buying a new vehicle. However, the group at OnlineDriversLicenses.org suggests purchasing and installing a tow hitch separately – especially if you don’t have a daily need for this optional item.

#6 Built-In Navigation – Vehicles with built-in navigation systems are beneficial for many reasons. For one, they make driving to unfamiliar places a whole lot easier. Second, drivers don’t need to fumble with their smartphones to pull up their map apps. However, with so many effective navigation apps available for smartphones (like Google Maps and Waze), built-in vehicle navigation systems aren’t as important as they may seem.

#7 Granite Trim – Instead of featuring leather, wood, or carbon fiber trim, certain luxury vehicles (such as the Mercedes-Benz) feature granite trim on the vehicle’s interior. However, this feature doesn’t impact the functionality of the vehicle, and it shouldn’t be used as a selling point. Similarly, Porsche’s leather air conditioning vents are another non-essential feature.

#8 Remote Keyless Entry – Even though remote keyless entry is a useful safety and convenience feature, car buyers shouldn’t purchase a vehicle based on whether a vehicle features keyless entry or not.

#9 Roadside Assistance – Like remote keyless entry, roadside assistance is a fantastic safety feature for newer vehicles. However, if drivers are members of AAA or CAA, roadside assistance may be an unnecessary vehicle feature.