Changing the Address on your Driver License

Your driver's license is an important legal document. So if your address changes, your license needs to change. Changing your address on your driver's license can be a hassle, but we've made it much easier by pooling all the information you need together in one place. Click "Continue" below to get started.

Driver's license change of address in Idaho

How to change your address on your driver's license in Idaho

Changing your driver's license address in Idaho is important for a numerous amount of reasons, but especially if you do business with the Division of Motor vehicles office (DMV). The state of Idaho allows you 30 days after you move to notify the DMV about your change of address. It's not only illegal to drive around with the wrong address on your driver's license, but in the case of an emergency or renewal reminders the DMV office should have your correct information on file.

To change your address on your Idaho driver's license, simply fill out this application and then make sure it gets sent to your local DMV office.

There are three ways to notify your DMV of your new address:

  • Mail the Change of Address Request to:
  • Driver Services
    Idaho Transportation Department
    P.O. Box 7129
    Boise, ID 83707-1129

  • Fax to (208) 334-8586
  • Drop off the completed form at any county driver's license or auto license office

Mailing in your request form to change your address will update your driver's license address as well as your vehicle registration address.

The fee for a duplicate license is $11.50. The fee for a duplicate ID card varies:

  • $6.50 if you are less than 21 years old
  • $7.50 if you need a four-year ID card
  • $15 if you need an eight-year ID card