Drivers Ed in Georgia

Driver's education in Georgia

Teenagers are required to take a driver's education course and have a minimum of 40 hours driving time which six of those hours being driven at night before they apply for their Class D license.

High School Courses

Georgia high schools offer a state-approved driver training course, but you can also get training at private driving schools statewide.These courses offer 30 hours of classroom time and six hours of behind-the-wheel training. The experience offered during this training is invaluable for young drivers.

School Attendance

If you wish to drive and you are a teenager you must stay enrolled in school until graduation or until you hit 18.

When you go to apply for your learner's permit or driver's license you must provide a completion certificate signed by a school official before your license will be issued.

Once you pass the course you will be given a card to present to the driver's license office when you apply for your Class D license.